About Us

Pitts Electric is a locally owned and operated electrical contracting firm centrally located in Macon, Georgia. Established in 1990 by Jimmy Pitts as primarily an industrial electrical contractor we have since added many capabilities. The services we now offer include: commercial electrical, industrial electrical, motor controls, PLC's, instrumentation, data and telecom, fiber optics, and power distribution services.

Heavy Industrial construction and service comprises 40% of our business. Our customers include kaolin and marble mines, granite quarries, sand and feldspar operations, concrete recycling, chemical plants, lumber and plywood manufacturers, poultry processing, feed mills, flour mills, ceiling tile, school bus, and aircraft components. Railroad service and construction is another major area, Pitts Electric has the training, proper equipment, and in-house FRA and E-Railsafe program's to safely perform electrical tasks inside rail facilities or adjacent to live track. Tasks range from equipment installation, power services, generators, overhead medium voltage, high mast lighting, to new construction and service.

Commercial and Institutional construction and service is approximately 30% of our business. Our customer base includes; major grocery stores, convenience stores, retail stores, universities and colleges, health care, and penal institutions. Services range from new construction, remodeling, build outs, parking lot lighting, to service and maintenance.

High Voltage and Distribution Services accounts for another 30% of our annual volume. Our customers include colleges and universities, Small city owned utility companies, mining, railroads, and industrial facilities with medium voltage. Pitts Electric also acts as a specialty sub-contractor for many other electrical firms to install and terminate underground high voltage cables and transformers. Our projects can be as diverse as upgrading entire small utilities to higher voltages, installing new power lines, 24/7/365 emergency service, and performing thermographic surveys, to providing trained personnel and specialized equipment to assist other contractors.

Most of our customers are repeat customers both new construction and service related. When you develop a relationship with us you also develop a relationship with individuals. Our project managers have control of all phases from estimation , to submittals , construction , close out, and service after construction.

Pitts Electric maintains a good working relationship with many engineering firms. We consult with firms and customers alike when the need for value engineering arises. We have design-build capabilities. With a large well-skilled manpower pool available, we enjoy the ability to perform fast-paced jobs to meet customer needs.

We provide skills upgrade training for our employees, so that we are able to keep stride with the progress of the electrical industry. All of our employees have either attended a Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training approved five year apprenticeship program, or have been extensively tested to assure that their skills meet our high standards.

Pitts Electric Company is bondable. We have never failed to complete a job. A certified public accountant performs annual reviews for bonding purposes.

While our business has changed our priorities have not.

#1 Safety first, safety training is an ongoing process. We currently have an approved MSHA training plan, OSHA employee certification program, FRA and E-Railsafe training, and Arc Flash (NFPA 70E) program.

Monthly corporate wide training sessions are held in our training room in Macon. All of our supervision and many of our other employees are CPR and First Aid certified. Job box and site specific safety training are conducted on-site daily. Our line equipment, trucks, tools , and gloves are tested by an independent testing organization.

#2 Service is the heart of our business. Pitts Electric is on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. We have the training and equipment needed to identify the problem and repair it. Pitts Electric maintains a large inventory in our Macon warehouse, conduit, fittings, wire, contactors, controls, disconnects, medium voltage terminations, fused cut outs, lightning arrestors, insulators, poles, and some pole mount transformers. Our service, bucket, and line trucks are kept stocked to handle most service needs.

Safe and timely professional service, whether new construction or repairs is what we have built our business around. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on any projects you may have.



Safety and the prevention of accidents and incidents are a priority with Pitts Electric Co., Inc. Our goal is no lost time accidents and no incidents. Realizing the only way to have an effective program is to have awareness at all levels of the company; we have implemented ways to involve each employee in our Safety Program.

I. EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK: Each employee will receive instructions and an employee handbook during the hiring process. Our Employee Handbook contains a Statement of Policy on Employee Safety.

II. SAFETY PROGRAM: Each employee will receive instructions during the hiring process orientation and during regular tool box safety talks on our Safety Program. While the Safety Program cannot cover every situation or condition that may arise while working it does act as an informative document which can be utilized as: i. Statement of company policies and procedures. ii. Quick reference guide. iii. Training aid.

III. SAFETY TRAINING SESSIONS FOR JOBSITE SUPERVISORS: Periodic safety training sessions will be held for jobsite supervisors, conducted by our Safety Officer or outside sources as deemed appropriate for the topics to be discussed.

IV. TOOL BOX MEETINGS: Jobsite supervisors will conduct weekly tool box meetings at job sites for new hire training as well as job specific and on-going safety training of crew members.

V. SAFETY POLICY POSTERS: Jobsite supervisors will post company safety posters at job site trailers and company bulletin boards.

VI. CHECK ATTACHMENTS: Safety reminders will be printed on payroll check stubs or attached to payroll checks for a quick review of specific safety information.

VII. MONTHLY SAFETY MEETINGS: Are for all employees and will be used for continual training. All Pitts Electric field employees are safety trained Training includes: MSHA training with yearly refresher courses. OSHA Certification program. Red Cross first aid and CPR program. FRA (Inhouse certified trainer) Monthly company wide safety meeting and discussion forum. Safety meetings before every job to cover job specific safety issues. Mandatory new-hire drug testing program. DOT random drug testing program.